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Release Notes for Feb 17 | V23.3

Audience Builder

Combo Orders are Available to Query

Users now have the ability to query combo orders in Audience Builder. Under a product, a user can find this field under the Paid Subscriptions skittle where they can isolate those records that have a combo order subscription.

Query and Output for Donor (Purchaser) of a Gift

A new field has been added to Audience Builder for Donor. This field will be a product-level field returning any record that was a donor for another record for a given product. When output, the column header will be Donor and the response will be Yes if the record is a donor, and No if they are not.

Campaign/Event Tool

Promo Code Upload to Allow Version

The Promo Code upload tool will now accept files containing Versions, i.e. Print/Digital/Both. This addition allows the user to upload unique pricing/version combinations for the same promo code, when previously the user would receive an error.

CDP (Olytics, Personalization, Metering)

URL String Exclusions for Content Recommendations

In Content Recommendations, users can now configure the recommender to exclude pages based on a string in the URL. Pages that match the provided string(s) will not be recommended. For a refresher on how Content Recommendation works, please see this webinar and review this one-pager. Please reach out to your Client Success Manager for questions.

Automatic Tracking Support for Button Links in Personalization

Like with standard links included within a Personalization, if Automatic Click Tracking is on, links with buttons will now be tracked by default.

Data Warehouse

Promotional Class Records

Promotional Class (Newsletter) records will be included in the omeda_customer_product data feed for Data Warehouse clients. These records will have a class_id of 12 assigned on the table.

Web Services / API

Form Submission API

This new API will return all Omeda Form Submission data, excluding Authentication and Payment info, from a given form and date range.

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