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Odyssey – Reporting

Odyssey Reports allow you to review the performance of a Voyage while it’s in progress or after it is completed.

On Canvas Reporting

When looking at voyage in In Progress or Done Status. The “Reporting” Display Option will be available in the bottom right-hand corner of the voyage canvas. This can be toggled on, to show the number of audience members who visited each element. Click “Reporting” on the Voyage canvas under Display Options to toggle the reporting on.

The On Canvas Reports can be exported by clicking on the ellipsis icon “…” in the top right corner and clicking Export (PDF).

Track Analytics Reporting

Additional reports with more details can be also be found in the ellipsis menu by clicking View Analytics. At the top of this page, if present in the voyage, you’ll find each email element listed with the individual Deployment Delivery report, each Personalization element with the Impression report linked, and/or each Export element with the number of records that have been successfully exported.

At the bottom of the page, will be the Element Visits section. Here, each element that has been visited in the voyage (excluding Wait elements) will be listed with details about each visit.

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