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Email – FAQs

User Access

I forgot my password to get into the Omeda, can you tell me what it is? For security purposes, we do not maintain or have access to user passwords. Please try using the “Lost Password” link on the login page. You will then receive an email with your login credentials.

I am unable to login to the application. It says my account is inactive. What happened? Accounts that have not been used in 90 days are automatically deactivated. Contact your account manager, or if this happens and we will reset your account. Once it is done we will let you know to log back in so you can reset your password and get back in to the system. Resetting your password can be done through the “lost password” link on the login page.


I went into my deployment today to select my audience list and when I clicked “select internal list” I didn’t see it listed. Where is my list? You very well may have uploaded the list to the wrong deployment type. Verify the deployment type of your deployment and try again.

I want to use an external list instead of Audience Builder/OnQ query. Is this possible?
Yes, even though unsubscribes and complaints will be automatically suppressed and hard bounces will be added to an external hard bounce table, please keep in mind that when an external file is used, the behavioral data cannot be collected and applied to your database in Audience Builder. We cannot match the information to a customer if the list did not originate from Audience Builder. The external list can be uploaded using the Upload list option.

Our system will only accept the external file that is .csv (comma delimited) file format. It must have a header record and can have any number of columns. The file must have only one column for email address. It can be formatted as email_address, emailaddr, etc., but presence of the 5 letters (EMAIL) in a string is required.

I’m trying to upload a suppression file and I keep on getting an error message. What am I doing wrong? Our system will only accept suppression files that are either .csv (comma delimited) or .txt (text) file format. Those files should only have one column for email address, and will work with or without a header.

What standard fields are included in the audience list when a query is output to Email Builder?

  • customer_id
  • email
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • title
  • company_name
  • phone
  • street_1
  • street_2
  • city
  • state_province_code
  • zip_postal_code
  • country
  • email_address_id
  • encrypted_customer_id
  • hashed_email_address
  • email_domain

Message Content

Can Omeda host an image for me so it will properly show in my email deployment? Yes. You can load images to here: Campaigns>Hosted Content
Follow the prompts and the URL will be returned to you. You have the ability to search for previously hosted content on that page as well. Send an email to and ask us for access to the Campaigns tab if you do not already have access.

Can Omeda fix my html? We are not html experts so we cannot. We recommend that you test your content templates on many desktop, web, and mobile email clients to make sure it renders well. We suggest that you use 3rd party tools such as Email On Acid ( or Litmus ( to view how your emails render across multiple devices and clients.

Any idea as to why our spam score is different from one week to the next on the same newsletter? The only change is the wording. Some weeks it will have that 1.1 score, others it won’t. Plus, they have found that the weeks that the score isn’t present, our open rates are a bit higher. SpamAssassin assigns this score when a link in your content appears to contain a common tracking pattern used by spammers. This ‘goes away’ when the deployment is sent (provided you have link tracking turned on), because all links in your content are replaced with encrypted redirects so that we can report on the number of clicks generated by a campaign.  SpamAssassin is a 3rd party product and the Omeda team does not control any of the scores that are derived.

How many characters are allowed for:
Preheader: 100
Subject Line: 200
Campaign Name ID field: 100
Key Words in Tracking Pleat: 30
Category Text Box: 150


I have a renewal deployment I am working on and when I click on the renewal link it brings me to the blank page. Why isn’t my info pre-populating on the page as it should be? One of two things are wrong. First, there may be something wrong with the html of the link. Second is there may be an issue with your encrypted_customer_id stored in the Email Builder defaults, under the Seed name section. Access your seed record and update your encrypted_customer_id.

I noticed on one of my recent deployments that the links were not tracked? Why is that? Most likely the “Link Tracking” option checkbox is not checked in your deployment. Go to your deployment and check for it under the “Tracking” pleat.

Can I track merge variables? If you want tracking applied to a merge variable, you can hard code https:// into the content followed by the merge variable.

You can also create a separate header/column for UID info and use that as a custom merge variable within the link.

The email deployment report is not showing any clicks on some links. Make sure the links were encrypted properly. The encrypted URLs have ‘wts’ in the link somewhere. If links did not encrypt properly due to an issue with the content, you’ll see the original URL not the encrypted URL when you hover your mouse over the link in the email. If the links look normal, please run the clickbot detail reports to see if our system suppressed the fake clicks from the reports.

Why are the link-tracking categories already populated in my deployment in Email Builder? Once a URL is tagged, you can have the system automatically apply the same values every time the URL appears in a deployment.  This function can be turned on and off within Email Builder.  Access the Deployment Defaults and you will see a prompt for “Reuse Link Category” at all 3 levels of defaults.

Once a URL is tagged, you can have the system automatically apply the same values every time the URL appears in a deployment. This function can be turned on and off within Email Builder (Omail). Access the Deployment Defaults and you will see a prompt for “Reuse Link Category” at all 3 levels of defaults.

How does Olytics work with anchor links on pages with infinite scroll? If you’re using anchor links on an infinite scroll page, our Olytics script automatically is placed before the anchor, ensuring that the link is tracked correctly and visitors land at the correct spot.

The mailto link is not working for some recipients–why is that? It’s browser specific and we cannot control how the mailto link would function for all recipients. Therefore, we have added an option to turn off the tracking for mailto links at the Organization, Database, and Type levelsl under Deployment Defaults. You can also turn off the link tracking for the Mailto link via Tracking pleat within the deployment. Please locate the appropriate link and uncheck the ‘Link Track’ box for that specific link and save

Testing & Approval

I am using the encrypted_customer_id merge variable and am receiving this error for my seeds/testers:

Our system checks to make sure all test/seed records have a value for that variable when the tests are sent; if not you will receive this error.
If you want to add the encrypted_customer_id for test/seed records, you can do this via Email Builder>Tools>Deployment Defaults. Please keep in mind that you do not need to use an actual encrypted customer ID for the seeds/testers—any number put in that field will suffice

I clicked the link on the approval email which took me to approval page for my deployment but the page is not allowing me to approve or make comments. Most likely the test was already approved by someone else and the final approver went ahead and scheduled the deployment.

I put my client on as a tester for a deployment and they did not receive the test message, what happened? Your test message may have been blocked by that person’s firewall or spam filter. If you go into the “Message Content” pleat and look under “Tester’s Comments” you should see a failure message. Tell your client to give this message to their IT department to troubleshoot for cause and solution.

I am trying to add a recipient as a seed/test but the application is not letting me. What is happening? Make sure that the recipient you are trying to add is not already listed.

When I click links in the test message, I see a “page not available” error message.  Why does that occur? Whenever changes are made to the message content, a new test should be sent and the links checked from the most recent test. If changes were made to the content after the test was sent, the links and merge variables in the previous tests will sometimes not resolve. 

Editing after email has been approved

I approved and scheduled the email and now realize that I need to make changes.  How do I accomplish that?

  1. Select the deployment from the Email Builder search screen and click the ‘Unschedule’ link.  The prompt will confirm this action and state that the deployment is now in your Approval Queue
  2. Navigate to the Approval Queue where you can now see the prompt to ‘Unapprove’
  3. Once that action is completed, you can then then either select the option to ‘edit’ directly from that screen or you can return to the Search screen to select the deployment and proceed with your edits.
  4. Please note that you will then need to once again Approve and then Schedule and Activate to place the deployment into the sending queue

Unsubscribe Process

I had a colleague unsubscribe from one of our newsletters and they are complaining that they are still receiving them. Why would that be? Your colleague may still be listed as a seed recipient for that newsletter. I would suggest going into the “deployment defaults” under the “Tools” tab and removing that contact.


I was trying to run some reports on my deployments but I keep on getting “insufficient Permission Errors”, what is wrong? We suggest closing your browser completely, and try logging back in. You will experience these errors sometimes when there has been a long period of inactivity in the browser.  You may also need to refresh your cache.

Can I see how many people opened the txt version vs the html version of my deployment? No, because when you select the “both” option for sending within the Audience pleat, your email is transmitted in MIME format (includes both versions of the email, text and HTML). The receiving email client will determine which version of the email is shown to the end recipient. There is no way for us to track how each recipients email client is displaying an email.

What is the difference between an unsubscribe and a complaint? Unsubscribes are anyone that has used the Email Builder unsubscribe link in your content to opt out of those messages, and complaints are if someone has clicked the “This is Spam/Junk” button on the email with their email client/service. We can only register complaints with major ISPs or email providers (Comcast, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) that offer a feedback loop. If we do register a complaint we opt that email address out of all current and future deployment types.  The Complaints are also included in the Unsubscribe number in the Deployment Delivery report.

What do the different bounce/retry categories mean? You can find a short explanation of each category on our Email reports page.

Does Omeda offer a report which shows the number of customers opening on a desktop vs mobile device? That type of reporting is not available within Email Builder or Odyssey.  If you are using Olytics, you can review that data in Audience Builder or in the Web Behavior section under the Reports and Analytics tab.

My click data is missing in older reports. Omeda will only actively display the complete tracking for each deployment or voyage for 13 months.  After that time period, the data is archived.  You can always see the top level delivery data in the Summary Stats report

How long after deployment will the links in the email resolve?  Links in emails will resolve indefinitely as long as the database is active.

How long does Omeda track clicks/opens? Omeda tracks clicks and opens for 60 days.

What does “Deferral – Non-RFC DSN Misconfiguration at Remote Site” mean when seen in the Bounced list for a deployment? The permanent deferral is our generalized message for when the receiving server does not return any of the standard RFC messages. We don’t have insight as to why the receiving server returns that message. After multiple attempts, we then will move the email address to a bounce status.


Can Omeda add BIMI to my domains? Yes, but please keep in mind that BIMI is only supported by a handful of mailbox providers. They are Yahoo/AOL (based on reputation and engagement), Google and FastMail. As of right now, Microsoft does not support BIMI so the logo will not appear in Outlook.
You would need to obtain a VMC for the BIMI logo to show up in Gmail. You can find more information about this here:


Can I see unsubscribes that are captured by a Dragon form in Email Reports? No, but you can look at the Form Submission report and/or the Opt In/Out by Deployment Type report


I live in Illinois and my co-worker is in California.  How do we know what timezone is used when sending?

Omeda will default the timezone based on the user’s computer settings.  However, all reporting is based on CST/CDT.

For Daylight and Standard time changes–when a deployment is scheduled, we convert the time selected to central time and that is what is saved in the database. We never change the data, rather the server time changes after daylight and standard time changes.

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