Data Loader FAQs

GENERAL What format does my file need to be in order to upload to Data Loader? Your files need to be in .CSV format. Can I see everyone’s files, or just my own? All uploaded files will appear in the ‘Files’ section regardless of who uploaded them. If you are looking to see files uploaded …

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Metering – FAQs

How many meters can I set up on a domain? There is currently no limit to how many meter jobs you can set up for one domain. Why are people registering and still getting meter messages? If someone has registered previously, but clears their cookies and returns anonymous, they will see the meter again. Additionally, …

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Personalization – FAQs

Is there a limit to how many people I can target with a single personalization? The maximum amount of people you can target in a query for a personalization job is 250,000. If I don’t set any audience who will see the message? If there is no target audience chosen, the personalization will fire for …

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Odyssey – FAQs

Voyage Details FAQ How should I set up my Odyssey Voyage? The Odyssey elements can be split up into three different categories: An Odyssey voyage must start with the first two elements. These elements can both only be used once, at the very beginning of your voyage: Once you have set up these first two …

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Email – FAQs

User Access I forgot my password to get into the Omeda, can you tell me what it is? For security purposes, we do not maintain or have access to user passwords. Please try using the “Lost Password” link on the my.omeda.com login page. You will then receive an email with your login credentials. I am …

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