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Release Notes for V19.14

Audience Builder

Add Ability to Save Output Modification Criteria Used to an Output File

When saving an Output layout, the Output Modification Criteria will now be included as part of the saved data for the Output Layout. This can save the user time for Layouts that get output with the same Modification Criteria every time.

Campaign/Event Tool

Lead Gen – Add Ability to Use Layouts that Contain Output Modification Criteria

A variety of Output Modification Criteria options will now be available within the Lead Gen Tool when selecting the file layout. Users will now have the ability to use additional criteria such as SCF Nth or Nth Select when outputting Lead Gen files.

Data Loader

Add “Snack Bar” Alerts for Mapping Saves

The Data Loader UI has been updated to provide the user with more feedback when actions are taken. A message window aka “snack bar” will appear when the user saves a template name or clicks the “Use this as a Template for other files” checkbox, alerting the user to the Action taken.

Mapping: Less Restrictive Editing

Once a file is processed or uploaded, the user lost the ability to change the mapping. This restriction has been lifted allowing the user to update mapping for fields on Templates.  This can be useful when reusing a Template for a new job with different mappings.

Mapping Step: Demographics

Data Loader will now have the capacity to accept demos. Users can now upload files containing demographic information, such as Job Title and Company Size, and map those fields in the General Mapping step.


Use Inbound Parameter(s) for Behavior Attribute(s)

Dragon forms will now be able to accept an inbound parameter for Behavior Attributes. Within Dragon’s Form Builder, users will now have the choice to assign the value of the Behavior Attribute element or indicate that an inbound parameter will be used instead.  Selecting the inbound parameter option gives you the ability to pass the Behavior Attribute value within the URL, therefore passing that value to the database.  This will allow users to utilize the same Dragon site for multiple behaviors, like whitepapers or webinars, rather than having to build a new Dragon site for each one.

Compatibility with ADA

To assist our clients with their ADA compliance we have made Dragon forms accessible to the visually impaired and compatible with assisting technology. There will be no visual difference to the forms or within Dragon Builder.

Process Trial Subscriptions

Dragon forms can now process Trail subscriptions, allowing Dragon to process subscriptions that are “free with term”.


Personalization: Target Ad Blockers

Users will now have the ability to set a Personalization to Target Ad Blockers. When visiting a page with this Personalization enabled, if the visitor is running an Ad Blocker, the Personalizaiton will still display.

Metering: Target Ad Blockers

Users will now have the ability to set up a Meter to detect if Ad Blockers are being used and choose the response. They can either “Block when Ad Block is Detected” or “Display when Ad Block is Detected”, allowing more flexibility for when Ad Blockers are in play.

Metering: Ability to Clone a Meter Flow

Clients may need similar Meters flows. To allow the user to save time in setting up similar flows, the user will now be able to clone an entire existing Meter flow/series. This will copy all settings of the original Meter.

Metering: Ability to Clone a Meter Step

Clients often times have similar Meters.  Users now have the ability to clone a Meter step saving time during Meter set up.

Web Services / API

Update API to Export More Olytics Data

We have created three new Olytics APIs to better allow clients to pull Olytics data. 1) The Olytics Customer Search API. This API will allow the client pass in search dates and tag/category data and the API will return a list of customer ids matching the search parameters. 2) Olytics Lookup By Customer ID. This API will allow the client pass in a customer id, date range, tag/category and the API will return visit data matching those parameters for the given customer. 3) Olytics Comprehensive Lookup.  This API will allow the client to return all of the active olytics fields and their valid values on the database.

Increase Max Number of Newsletters for Deployment Search API

The maximum result return for the Deployment Search API has been increased to 1000. It’s important to note, the API will accept the deployment type id to limit the search list down to just one deployment type.  Allowing the user to have a smaller, targeted result list.

Email Deployment Content Lookup API

The Email Deployment Content Lookup API has been made live and available to clients. This API will look up and return the HTML or Text content for a deployment.

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