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Release Notes for V21.7

Audience Search

Entering a Digital Order Without a Shipping Address

Users will now be able to process orders without a shipping address for digital and digital only magazine versions.

Email Builder

Stealth Link Click Processing Change

The process by which stealth link clickers are omitted from click reports and considered “not real” has been changed. Previously, any link clicked by the same email address that clicked a stealth link within a single email was omitted. Now, any link clicked by the same email address with the same IP address as a stealth link clicker will be omitted. This will allow us to omit bot clicks and keep clicks that may occur after the email has been released to the recipient’s inbox.

Form Builder

Expression Builder- Ability to Write Expression Based on Autorenew Selection in Campaign Tool

Expressions can now be written on forms that depend on the value of the autorenewal checkbox.

Allow User to Specify How Many Content Groups Should be Placed on a Form

When adding a content group to a form, users will now be prompted to specify how many they’d like to add so that multiple content groups can be added to the page all at once.


Export Element Reporting to Show on Canvas

The Odyssey Export element will now show the number of records exported when reporting is toggled on in the voyage canvas.

Static Voyages Audience Nthing

For static voyages, users can now choose to Nth their audience builder audiences directly from Odyssey.

Allow Changes to Scheduled Time for In Progress Continuous Voyages

For additional flexibility in continuous voyages, users can now pause the schedule element and change the scheduled time.

Voyage Modification History

A Voyage Modification History report will now be available to access from the View Analytics page of a Voyage. This will list how a voyage’s elements have been changed, by which user, and when. This will also show when the voyage’s status has been changed.

View Analytics Updates

The View Analytics page has been updated to show and link the detailed reports for the Personalization, Metering, Export, and A/B Test elements.


Support Form Builder Embed in Personalizations and Meters

For all Personalization types, users now have the option to embed a Form Builder form into the Personalization. This will then allow the modal to change its height as the content changes. So if additional questions appear, or if the different pages have more or less content, the modal will not need an internal scroll or preset height to account for that. In Personalizations using this feature, only the form can be included in the content.

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