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Release Notes for Feb. 23 | V24.3

Form Builder

Add Interactive HPCI to Forms

Interactive HPCI will give your payment forms a more modern touch. Adding this new content to your form will:

Automatically format the entered credit card number
Display icons of the credit cards that are accepted.
Conditionally highlight the icon of the credit card being used as the numbers are being entered.
Change the credit card number and CVV input box from red to green once a valid amount of numbers have been typed in.
Add basic field styling to the credit card field, CVV field, and Expire Date field.

    Data Loader

    Bring in Data with the New AWS S3 Integration

    Using the new AWS S3 integration, you can now automatically upload and process files directly from your S3 Bucket via Data Loader.

    Audience Builder

    New UI/UX

    With this release, the new UI/UX for Audience Builder will be released to all users. This change is part of the ongoing release of Omeda’s new UI/UX designed to create an inviting, user-friendly and high-performing environment for our clients. The classic version of Audience Builder will still be available, and users can choose to toggle the new UI on or off via the Try the New UI toggle in the Omeda platform drop-down navigation menu.

    Watch a short preview here walking through these changes.

    Query and Output by Notice File Group Identifier

    A new Notice field will be available in the Legacy Audience Builder called File Group Identifier. This field will allow the user to select the file group identifier used on the notice job.

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