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Release Notes for V20.14

Audience Builder

Additional Olytics Fields Available for Output

Users will now be able to output the following Olytics fields: Referring Domain, Browser, ISP, IP Region Code, IP Region, IP country Code, IP Country, IP Zip/Postal Code, IP City. This information can help to provide insight on the physical location of Newsletter Subscribers that do not have other address information. These fields will require configuration to be utilized.

Tool Tip for “Most Recent Engagement”

A Tool Tip has been added to the Most Recent Engagement field, reminding users that even the Email engagement selection is based on Customer ID.

Audience Search

Deleted Records Can Be Anonymized

Users will now be able to anonymize deleted records. As part of GDPR compliance, this has been added so any subscriber can be removed from the Omeda database, regardless of their records status.

Data Loader

Keywords on Data Loader Templates

Users can now set Keywords at the template level that will append to files when the Template is applied. The user can choose to remove them or add to them if desired when uploading the file.

Form Builder

Update to the Email Confirmation Setup UI

The Confirmation Email set up screen in the Form Builder UI has been updated for clarity. The verbiage “Please use” has been removed and replaced with only “”. Previously, users were sometimes adding domain where it was not required.


Audience Suppression in Odyssey

Similar to the Email Builder functionality, Audience Builder queries or external files can now be loaded to the Audience element within Odyssey and used as suppression sources for the voyage audience.

Add Triggered Condition Support to Filter

The Filter element within Odyssey voyages can now use Triggered Conditions to advance passengers within the voyage. This means that the element will check the passengers against the Filter query at a user-defined frequency, and move the passengers forward only after the filter criteria is met.

Allow Users to Change Merge Variable Defaults

Within the Email element, there is a new “Merge Variable Defaults” pleat available. Default values for merge variables used in the content of the email can now be specified within this pleat.

Web Services / API

Customer Look Up by Email API to Include Hashed Email Look up

The Customer Look By Email Address API has been updated to allow for a look up by “hashed email address”.

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