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Google Ad Manager – Integration Description

This integration allows you to combine an enhanced version of our CDP (Olytics) web tracking software, a new straightforward integration interface, and some JavaScript snippets that you place on your pages, with your Google Ad Manager in order to track and target segments of your subscriber database like never before.

One of the key benefits to using this integration, is the ability to target the live data collected in your Omeda database. Anything you can query in Omeda’s platform can then be pushed to Google Ad Manager as a Key/Value target.

Some example targeting segments could include:

  • Customers that are due for magazine renewal in the coming month.
  • Specific demographics such as Job Title, Industry, Interests, etc..
  • Customers that have paid for a subscription in the last month.
  • Customers who have let their magazine subscription age out of Active status.
  • Customers that work for Fortune 100, 500, or 1,000 companies.

For detailed integration instructions and additional insight into the overall functionality and use cases, please visit our Google Ad Manager page.

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