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Release Notes for V20.6

Audience Builder

Track ID Query Field in Audience Builder
The Track ID field will now be available as a search field in Audience Builder. Within each of the Email Builder behavior folders – Clicks, Opens, and Recipients – the user will be able to use the Track ID field to isolate audience lists of one or multiple deployments. When using multiple Track IDs, they will need to be comma-separated. Email addresses from external lists will not be returned. You can find more information here.

Ability to Query on All Odyssey Elements
The Audience Builder skittle Odyssey Pathfinder has been renamed to Odyssey and will now include all Elements from the Odyssey of the selected voyage. Users will first need to select the voyage and then can choose which element of the voyage they would like to use. This will isolate the records that have landed at this element. For continuous voyages, these numbers should be expected to increase over time as more passengers make their way to this element.

New Field in Audience Builder Olytics URL Parameters 
A new field will be available in Audience Builder called Olytics URL Parameters, which will allow the user to search on the UTM parameters within the Olytics URL. The parameters are stripped out for each Olytics visit when a URL is captured, allowing the user to search on each UTM individually. More information is available here.

Data Loader

Add Pagination to the “View File State” Error Section
We have added Pagination to the View File State UI of Data Loader, allowing the user to sort through many rows of error messages, but not be required to wait for the entire list to load. This will address long load times that occurred on this page when a file had a large number of errors due to bad mapping or bad data.

Form Builder

Rearrange UI Elements in the Form Builder Header
The Form Builder UI elements have been rearranged to give the flow a cleaner look and feel. The product title has been removed from above the Form Name. The Form Name is hyperlinked to allow an easy preview of a published page. If the form has not yet been published, the form will not render until it goes live.


Delivery By Receiving Domain Report
A new report called the Delivery by Receiving Domain Report has been added to the list of options in the Email Builder Reports section.  This report will allow better analysis of email delivery performance. This report will show the delivery metrics across the receiving domains. The user can isolate the data by using a date range, choosing a sending domain or a sending IP. They can also choose to limit the results to just the top receiving domains, select up to 500 domains, or even choose to turn Clickbot Activity off.  

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