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Audience Search – Overview

What is Audience Search?

Audience Search (formerly called Customer View) is the application where you can easily search for customers to review and update his/her contact information, magazine and email subscriptions and order history, behaviors, demographics, and email permissions (opt-in/out). To access Audience Search, click the Menu tab and select Audience Search under the Management Section. Enter the Brand that you wish to search in.

Quick Navigation and Keying Tips

You can click on almost any data on the screen to edit it. Otherwise, if you prefer using your keyboard, we have setup the following access keys for quicker keying that are much preferred by customer service reps. To use the following Access Keys, do Shift + Alt + Access Key in Firefox or Alt + Access Key in Internet Explorer and Chrome. For example, to get to the Contact Info section in the Customer Info page, press Shift + Alt + 1 (in Firefox) or Alt + 1 (in Internet Explorer and Chrome).

Tabbing allows you to navigate from one field to another while Shift-Tab lets you navigate backwards. Enter key allows you to open a table or dialog box and start editing while Esc closes it.

Help Screen

There’s a Help Screen which is defined by your company on what information to be displayed. Click the Help Screen link at the top and the topics that have been entered by your company will be displayed. You can click on any topic on the left column to view the details. To add a new category to the Help Screen, go to the Management Console and select Add Category. This will give you a blank screen for you to enter the name of the category. Click Add to save this or cancel to cancel this category. Click the x in the upper right corner to close the Help Screen.

To add additional topics, click on the category and simply click the Add Content link, type in your topic header, topic content, click Add.

To edit an existing topic or remove an entire category, click either the Edit link or select Remove from category link.

Searching, Adding and Updating Customers

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Subscription Management

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Group Subscription Management

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Gift Subscription Management

Use this User Guide to learn how to manage gift subscriptions.

Other Customer Updates

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