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Odyssey – Adroll Elements

There are two AdRoll elements available for use in any Odyssey voyage, AdRoll CRM Audience and AdRoll Event Based Audience. The AdRoll CRM Audience element will allow you to target element visitors across additional extension networks through your own AdRoll account. The AdRoll Event Based Audience element will work with the AdRoll Pixel on your sites with Olytics, to allow you to sync the element visitors who have visited your site to AdRoll which can then be targeted for Ads.

After adding either of these elements to your voyage canvas and clicking the element, the voyage creator can then provide additional information in the element inspector on the right side of the canvas.

AdRoll CRM Audience Element

After logging in to your AdRoll Account and selecting your Ad Account, the setup for this element is complete. Note: this element will only work with a minimum of 100 email addresses.

For more information on the integration with AdRoll, see the article here.

AdRoll Event Based Audience Element

The AdRoll Event-Based Audience element works with the AdRoll Pixel and syncs known/unknown audiences to AdRoll for targeted advertisement.

You’ll need to provide the AdRoll Admin credentials and verify. After the credentials are verified, you can then select that Ad Account you’d like to use. You’ll need to then provide an Audience Sync Name which will be how this audience will appear in AdRoll. Click ‘Check if Name is Already Taken’ to confirm that you’ve used a unique Audience Sync Name.

The AdRoll Pixel Id will be prepopulated, but you’ll need to specify the number of days that the element audience should be synced to AdRoll and a Description.

Audience members in your voyage who reach this element will be sent to Adroll if they visit your Olytics site.

For more information on this element and the AdRoll Event-Based Audience integration, see the article here.

Connections and the AdRoll Elements

Each element in a Voyage can be connected to and from a subset of other elements. The available connections for the AdRoll elements are listed below.

These elements can connect to the AdRoll elementsThese elements can be connected from the AdRoll elementsSchedule
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