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Form Builder – Embedding Webforms via iFrame or Javascript

Using iFrames or Javascript to embed your Omeda Webforms

Omeda Form Builder forms can be embedded into your existing Website to work seamlessly with your Navigation, footer and other Site elements without having to replicate and keeping them update on the Form.

In the below example, the form elements are embedded in the Omeda Website’s content area via an iframe:

In the source code view, you can see the iframe code that is embedded in the site content:

Retrieving the iFrame or Javascript (JS) Embed Code in Form Builder

Once a form has been created and published, on the form dashboard, you will find an Embed Code option in the form’s action menu.

Users can click the Embed Code and the JavaScript and iFrame code are displayed.  You can copy the code to your clipboard and insert into your CMS or Website where needed.

This will allow users to embed or iframe an Omeda Form Builder form within their own website. Users can also use the iframe code to embed an Omeda Webform within a Personalization.


Your Omeda Client Success Manager can assist with providing the URL for any Form Builder form if you have not received it previously. You may request a URL through the Form Builder >> Form Builder – Other option in your Support Portal.

Here is an example of how the iframe can look like for an Omeda form URL:

iFrame Example

<iframe src=”” style=”height:400px;width:600px;” title=”Iframe Example”></iframe>

Embedding the iframe or Javascript on your Website

If you are embedding the iframe in your CMS (e.g. WordPress or Drupal) or Website, the iframe or Javascript code needs to be added in the Code view, see example below from a WordPress Editor.Please consult with your CMS documentation or Website admin for assistance.

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