Form Listener

Data Ingestion

There are various ways to get data into Omeda if you are collecting it via an outside source. This document will go through each option and help you determine which might work best for your use-case and workflow. Method Description Use-Case Things to Consider Omeda APIs Provides the ability to post a transaction (customer order) …

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Form Listener

Summary:   The Form Listener integration is one component of Omeda’s CDP solution.  By placing Olytics JavaScript on a site that is hosting one of your forms, you can begin sending the transactions back to Omeda without the need for an API integration.  The form will complete its normal transaction on submission, the transaction will process …

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Release Notes for V18.15

API’s Webhook in Add Audience API An API Client can now send in a “CallbackURL” in the request of the Add Audience API. This will alert you when the audience list has been completely loaded. Audience Builder (OnQ) Enhancement to UX We have updated your user experience by now showing the folders on the left …

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Release Notes for V18.14

Audience Search Email Status Now Viewable on Search Screen In your Audience Search results, the email status will now appear below the email address. If the email address has been flagged as a bounce, you will see it flagged in red as “Invalid Email”. This will assist you when doing your searches. Email Validity Data …

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