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Release Notes for Oct 6 | V23.14


New Odyssey AI Feature (Beta)

In Odyssey, users will now be able to leverage AI when creating their email content. The Odyssey AI Assistant is a new feature available in Beta within the Designer mode of Email Elements.

When a Paragraph, List, Button, or Title content item is added or edited, a “Write with AI” button will display, allowing users to modify their copy or write entirely new copy based on prompts.

While this feature is in Beta, Omeda will provide 500k credits per month per database for users to access the AI Assistant. Credits are determined by the number of characters entered into the AI tool and the number of characters output by the tool. Users will see their usage listed at the bottom of the AI Assistant box, and credits will be replenished on the first of each month.

See the new AI feature in action:


Incognito Mode Detection for Metering

Meter messages can now be triggered if a site visitor is using their browser’s incognito mode. This enables clients to block visitors who use incognito mode when viewing their content, decreasing the visitor’s ability to bypass a meter or tracking. 

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