Dragon Form Builder

Dragon Forms URL Structure and Appending Parameters

Dragon URLS with parameters attached should follow the format shown below. That is, it should begin with the base Dragon form URL, include a ? before the first parameter, and an & before each additional parameter. Example: https://subdomain.dragonforms.com/formcontext?parameter1=x&parameter2=y&parameter3=z Blue: Dragon form URL Red: the ? indicates the beginning of a query string. This must always …

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Release Notes for V19.3

Audience Builder/OnQ Multiple Zip Code Radius Tool The zip code radius tool has been enhanced to allow multiple zip codes within the same group.  Zip Codes will need to be comma separated with no spaces and the maximum is 50. Increase timeout of user account status from 45 to 90 days.We are extending the amount of …

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How To Use Progressive Profiling

Optimize Your Webforms and Increase Conversions using Progressive Profiling For many media companies, finding the balance between acquiring your website users’ data and converting the users into tangible subscribers, leads or customers is a difficult one to strike. Using Omeda’s webform product, Dragon, has made it easy to prepopulate the data we store onto your …

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Form Builder (Dragon) – Overview

Overview In very general terms, Omeda’s form builder product, Dragon, allows you to acquire data from your audience. The relationship between Dragon and your existing Omeda database goes both ways: new data is passed directly back to your database while your current data can be used to authenticate users and gate content. The content used …

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Release Notes for V18.13

There are a variety of exciting updates and enhancements in the September 27th build. They include updates to Audience Builder, Personalization, Dragon, and Odyssey. Audience Builder (OnQ) Search Olytics URL in Audience Builder The ability to search the URLs collected by Olytics has now be exposed into Audience Builder which gives you additional options to …

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