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Test Links v. Live Links

Generating a link does not have to be a mystery.

  • To retrieve a test link:
    • Within Dragon, click on Manage a site > Edit a site, and then navigate to your form.
    • Click the Test link located in that row. (Note: You should only click on Live if there is not a Test link available. Otherwise, you will write over any changes that exist on the Test link)
    • Once the Setup page opens, click Preview at the top right. You can then copy the link from the address bar of the window that pops up. This is your test link.
    • Note that the version within the URL will alternate between 0 and 1 each time a new test link is created after a form is pushed live. So it’s important to ensure you have the latest test link reflecting any recent edits needing to be reviewed.
  • To retrieve a live link:
    • Follow the same steps outlined above, but you’ll find the live link under the URL section of the Setup page.
    • You can also start with the test link and just remove everything after except for the site context (so, remove and &version=x&page=x)
  • In most cases, you can look at any page of a test or live link by changing or adding the page number parameter at the end of the URL (&page=x). But keep in mind that if you are testing a form, you should always start from page 1 in order for the form to work correctly and have the data process as expected.
  • A word of warning about testing live records on test links: you may find it helpful to use a live record on a test link to check lookup functionality, but you should NEVER process a live order on a test link (unless it’s your own). Even though it’s a test link, the order/update will still process since the record is live. It’s perfectly safe to create and continue to use a test record on a test link.
  • The Setup page applies to both the test and live sites. So even if you open the test link to make a change to the setup page, the change will be live once you save it.
  • There are certain features that will not work on a test site and must be tested on a live site:
    • You cannot look up a user by email on a test site
    • Gift forms will not function correctly on a test site
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