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Integrations – Overview

Integrations allow for a smooth flow of data across different programs; they ensure that all your key customer data is captured, organized and accessible where and when you need it most.

Omeda products that can be integrated with your systems:

  • Olytics – A web analytic service that allows you to track both known customer and anonymous visits across your website and subscription pages.
  • Delta File FTP – A file management system that allows you export custom audience lists and data via FTP.
  • Personalization* – A popup service that allows you to serve visitor specific content to your website visitors based on the content they consume.
  • Form Listener* – A custom JavaScript that collects data from your forms and pushes it back to Omeda without any manual work or special file uploads.

*available for Omeda CDP customers

External platforms that can integrate with the Omeda suite of services include:

  • Adobe Analytics – This integration lets you customize what Omeda data is pushed to your Adobe Analytics account via a custom OnQ Query at a frequency of your choice.
  • AdRoll – This integration allows you to create audience segments in your Omeda account and push them to AdRoll for customized Ad targeting.
  • BlueConic – This integration pushes your audience data and their touchpoints into the BlueConic profile each night and vice versa. Data is seamlessly shared between both systems to provide complete audience profiles.
  • Drupal – This integration allows you to marry your Omeda audience data with Drupal’s content management system for enhanced targeting and messaging.
  • Facebook Business Manager – This integration allows you to connect your Facebook Business Manager account to your Omeda account in order to more effectively target your audiences.
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads Manager – This integration allows you to push your OnQ queries into Facebook Ad Mnager to either target ads directly to your audience or create look–a–like audiences.
  • FreshAddress – This integration allows you to determine the validity of each email address entered in a form and notes the validity level in OnQ, easily allowing you to build audience segments that exclude troublesome email addresses from your sends
  • Google Ad Manager (formerly DoubleClick for Publishers) – This integration tool allows you to track and target live segments of your Omeda database via Google’s Key/Value targeting functionality.
  • Lytics – This integration allows you to combine your Omeda audience database with Lytics in order to create the most holistic customer profiles possible. Changes in audience data are updated nightly between both systems.
  • Marketo® – This integration combines the sophistication of Omeda’s audience database with your Marketo account for a seamless data share.
  • ON24 – This integration fully combines your webinar audience and their behavior with your master audience database by pushing information from ON24 to your Omeda database nightly.
  • Zapier – In instances where the forms are not Omeda webforms and the Form Listener cannot be used, this integration provides an alternative method of capturing information that is sent to your Omeda database.

Does your company use a program that is not listed here? Contact your Audience Services Manager to discuss what solutions are available.

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