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2020 Form Builder Updates

There have been a number of updates and enhancements to Form Builder this year. Take a look at the changes and improvements that have been made to the tool.

Overall Look and Branding


The color has been updated to be more in line with the rest of the Omeda platform, removing the magenta and updating the shade to the Omeda blue.

Breadcrumb Changes

We have removed the MENU and HOME buttons that were previously found in the upper right corner. Now, you’ll find a Breadcrumb menu to visually convey where you are within Form Builder (i.e. within Content or within Edit a Site and at what product level). The Breadcrumb items are clickable and will have an underline and a pointer cursor when hovering over them to show the user that this is a clickable link. The last Breadcrumb will be bold to help the user identify where they currently are within the tool.

Change “Site” to “Form”

Within the Form Builder UI, all references to “Site” have been replaced with “Form”.

Profile Selector

Profile Selector has been added to the top of the Form Builder UI just as you would see within other Omeda applications. As with all Omeda applications, the selected profile will dictate what products/objects the user can view and utilize within this tool.

Form Builder Content:

Show/Hide Responses in Form Builder Content

Within Form Builder Content, you can find all your current Demographics available within your database.  Within your demographics, you may have old responses or some that are not applicable any longer and you do not want to show these on the form as a selectable response.  You can now go into Content from the main menu, choose your demographic, and decide which responses you want to Show/Hide.  When Saving your changes, it will allow you to update across the various forms where this demographic question appears.

Doing this within Content allows you to take that change and filter it across the various forms where that piece of content appears.  Previously, you only had the option to show/hide once you were on the individual form with the “Edit a Site” option.

Example: In the question below, Technical Services Engineering is no longer a valid response.  In Form Builder Content, we unchecked the box in the “Show” column, so this response will no longer display on the form.  Instead of going into the 5 different forms where this appears and hide the response, we can go into Content and update it once.  By clicking SAVE, it will update the 5 forms at once.

Show All Forms Where a Content Item Exists

In Form Builder Content, you will be able to see all the places or forms where that piece of content appears.  This is helpful to know what forms would be affected if you are making an update to the piece of content.  For example, a Footer or Privacy Statement or a Demographic.

When on the piece of content, you will see the bar across the top, letting you know “This content appears on the following form(s).”

Clicking the “View X affected form(s)” will show you the list of forms where that content appears.

Finally, if you do make a chance to the content and click SAVE, it will allow you to choose if you want to update the various forms. You can individually select or Check All, then click Update Forms.  Once you “Update Forms”, the change you made here will propagate out to the forms you selected.

Create/Edit/Delete Content Items

The Form Builder Content UI has been revised when Creating and Editing content.  We have removed the need to select create/edit/delete before selecting content. All content can be edited with one click, and create buttons are available in the content list section.

Here is an example if you choose to “Create New” within Single Response Demographic.   


If you are creating or editing an existing demographic, please communicate those changes to your Audience Services Manager.

View/Edit CSS, JS & Complex HTML Elements within Form Builder Content

Users can now create new or edit Complex HTML, CSS Style Sheet or Javascript content types by typing directly in the CSS, JS or Complex HTML boxes within the Form Builder UI.  In the images below, you will see the box that contains the code.  You will be able to edit directly in this box and click SAVE or choose Browse and upload a new file.  This enhancement will speed up the editing process of these elements by eliminating the need to upload an updated file(s) after copy edits are made as well as allow you to see the code that is currently in place.

Email Confirmation Setup We have collapsed the instructions when creating or editing an email confirmation message.  You can still get to the instructions by clicking “view Instructions”.  This gives you a better view of your work-space on the items that need to be setup.

To learn more about creating and attaching your email confirmation to your form, click here

Builder: Create or Edit a Form

Simplifying the Form Creation Process

We have simplified the steps when creating a new form via Form Builder. The workflow happens on the same page making it easier to modify options before the final creation. This also allows the user to switch between form categories/types as needed. Previously once you selected a Form Category and Type and then Saved, you could not go back and change the Category.

Templates for Commonly Used Forms

When creating a new form, we have added a drop down that will allow you to select a template.  This will add some commonly identified content pieces to your form builder as a starting point.  You will find a starter template for Lead Generation, Newsletter, Magazine New, and Magazine Renew.  You will still be able to apply the theme of your choice, along with the template.

The template selector will be found on the Setup Page when you are creating a new form.

You will also be able to “Preview Template” to see what standard fields this template will include.   

Note: When building over the company level, you will still need to add your subscription element and any additional content pieces you would like to include.  See something else you want to include?  Go ahead and add it just as you would normally.  The template selector just gives you a common starting point.  Please edit to your needs once you’ve started building out your form.Template Options: 

Lead Generation


Magazine New

Magazine Renew:

JS Embed Code

Once a form has been created, you will find a Embed Code column on the list of forms when in “Edit a Form”.  Users can click the Embed Code </> Link and the JavaScript and iFrame code will be given.  You can copy to your clipboard and user where needed. This allows users to embed or iframe an Omeda Form Builder form within their own website.  Users can also use the iframe code to use within a Personalization.

Content Elements Now Have Labels Within Builder

To help distinguish the content element types that appear within your form, we have added a label to identify what type of content it is.  This makes it easier to know where to find it within Form Builder Content itself, if you’d like to make an edit, and also helps distinguish between subscription elements such as Newsletter or Deployment Types.

For example, if you’d like to update the “Request Info” context, you now know that in Form Builder Content, this will be found under the “Static” content type.

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